GIOSI was the first ever Canadian enterprise to be granted permission to trade organic grain privately in 1985. Since that early emergence on the global stage, GIOSI has shipped hundreds of thousands of tonnes to export markets throughout the world. By contract growing with certified producers and identity preserving crops through to the end buyer, GIOSI is unsurpassed in providing the best certified organic grains to the world.

Quality Assurance

GIOSI has extensive experience exporting grain. Our understanding of rules and regulations in other jurisdictions renders the whole process of delivery efficient and trouble-free. We are certified organic by OCCP/Pro-Cert. Our certifiers are recognized by international organic certifiers to assure buyers in foreign markets that they are receiving certified organic product.

Delivery Options

Any grain trading enterprise must be prepared to deliver its products right to the destination of client usage. GIOSI is prepared for this task and offers direct delivery to a customer's facility, in addition to a Cost Insured Freight (CIF) option to the closest sea port. This door-to-door service means that GIOSI handles all logistics, insurance and paperwork required to deliver the product to the client's door.

Available Credit Terms

Overseas trade does not differ much from local trade, in so far as there is an equally important need to develop trust and build successful trade relationships. Typical secured methods for conducting business include bank-to-bank collection and letter of credit. Once familiarity and experience allow, credit terms can also be made available.