Innovation & Quality

  1. Research & Innovation

    GIOSI works with some of Canada’s foremost organic experts to improve the productivity and viability of organic grain production on the Prairies. Our efforts are focused on crop diversification, organic specific crop varieties and transition of conventional crop land to organic production. We strive to ensure that future grain needs are met with the best quality and most efficient production available.

  2. Quality Control

    Canadian grains are known throughout the world for their consistent quality. As a registered grain company with the Canadian Grain Commission, our practices and quality adhere to the highest standards. As well, our in-house lab staff enables us to address grain quality questions and issues proactively. Our customers know the quality specifications of their shipment before it arrives.

  3. Certifications

    Maintaining the integrity of the organic grain handling process is viewed as a critical component of our industry. All GIOSI facilities are inspected and certified under the Canadian Organic Regime (COR), with full NOP and EU organic equivalencies. As well, we maintain “Bio-Suisse” certification for export to the Swiss market. We are able to maintain face-to-face relations with organic producers through our country staff and crop advisors, enabling us to ensure the grain we sell has been grown to Canadian and International organic standards.

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