Our History

In 1978, Growers International Organic Sales Inc. (GIOSI), started as a small farm located in Saskatchewan. At the time, curiosity in organic food and its’ production was growing. The market interest in organics and the opportunity to grow pesticide and herbicide-free crops presented many Saskatchewan farmers the opportunity to switch from conventional to organic production. The early staff of GIOSI helped provide guidance and expertise in agronomy, certification, and market development to many of these transitioning Saskatchewan farmers.

Improving Processes

In 1985, GIOSI helped in enabling the industry’s techniques to be officially recognized as a distinct production method. With the Canadian Government’s recognition, GIOSI was then able to market organic grain products to the global market. As global demand increased, so too did the number of growers and grain production.

A Strategic Focus

In 1999, GIOSI developed a strategic alliance with another agriculture leader, Paterson Grain. Paterson Grain’s century of experience in the Canadian Grain industry and extensive logistics network spanning Western Canada provided GIOSI significant handling advantages. GIOSI converted a number of Paterson Grain elevators to certified organic cleaning, storage and loading facilities. The CGC Licensed facilities provide GIOSI with logistic capabilities needed to move grain efficiently, while ensuring quality.

Over a Quarter Century

Over the past 30 years, GIOSI continues to take an active role in establishing both domestic and international markets. GIOSI’s involvement in organics has helped the industry grow into a healthy emerging market, and build an extensive network both internationally and within Canada. With a reputation for quality and commitment, GIOSI continues to provide buyers worldwide with quality Canadian organic grains. As well, our global network and trade expertise enable us to source organic grains and products worldwide with critical partners in Asia, South America, and Europe.